Sustainable Biomass

PIEK associates developed in the past 18 months, through its wholly controlled limited company TOP Trading BV, the TOP-grass BioCoal project, a sustainable alternative for the combustion of fossil coal in the production of heat and electricity.

  • 1 ton fossil coal emits appr. 3,6 tons CO2 when incinerated
  • ETS price CO2 emission allowance from € 4 > € 25 /ton in 1 year
  • BioCoal incineration is CO2 neutral
  • 1000 MW coal plant emits more than 7 mio ton CO2 per year
  • Coal-fired plants responsible for 10% of CO2 emission in NL
  • Coal-fired power plants worldwide emits 6,3 billion ton CO2/yr
  • Target is to stop coal-firing within the coming 20 years
  • Reduction of incineration coal depending on alternatives
  • Countries are actively planning closure coal-fired power plants
  • Biomass mentioned in ‘Paris’ as the high potential alternative
  • Coal-fired power plants in Europe ‘under fire’
  • Base load coal-fired power plants essential for secure supply
  • Transition from fossil fuel to BioCoal is inevitable
  • Wood pellets, 14 mio ton/yr in EU, increasingly less sustainable
  • BioCoal is the rapidly emerging alternative to fossil coal